At Scanline VFX, we were doing a whole lot of CG water for the movie "Megalodon - Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca". I leave it to you to rate the movie, but, hey: the project got me a credit on The Internet Movie Database. My part in this was the R&D on ocean water surface simulation.


Welcome to my new web pages! This site revolves around my professional interests, publications, past and present projects. I am in the process of moving and reorganizing stuff from my old home page. The look of this site is probably going to change quite often in the near future, while I am experimenting with Joomla! templates.

This text is a highly subjective collection of topics around the Fourier transform, focusing on issues often left out in textbook treatments. If you already have a basic understanding of what the Fourier transform is, I hope these notes can provide further insight.

Download this file (fouriertransform.pdf)fouriertransform.pdf[PDF]131 kB

Facial animation is, despite all advances on the technical front, still a challenge and a rewarding research subject. This might be the one-line summary of my PhD thesis, the outcome of my time at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik in Saarbrücken. In a few more words, I developed an anatomy-based modeling approach in conjunction with a physically-based animation system.