In a nutshell, you could say I am a software engineer with a love for computer graphics and art, maintaining a loose relationship with academic research.

In the past, I have been working in the computer graphics and entertainment industries, working on virtual reality applications, character animation in game development, and special effects for movie productions. In my most recent position at BMW I have worked on 2D / 3D user interfaces for their in-car infotainment systems. I am holding a PhD in Computer Science (from the Computer Graphics group at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik in Saarbrücken), and an MS in Medical Physics (from TU Kaiserslautern). Currently, I am living in the beautiful city of Munich, working on my own Virtual Reality projects, where I am mostly interested in educational / edutainment content.

I am always open to discuss interesting freelance opportunities! You can contact me via email (see web page header), or check out my Linkedin profile below.

Detailed information about past and present projects are available on this website.

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